What Is White Hat SEO Exactly?

If you have a website online that you want to be successful, then you need to draw traffic to it. More than that, you need the traffic to be the kind of traffic looking for what you have to offer that might be converted into actual clients that spend money or time with your site.

You’ve likely learned that search engine optimization is the process of generating traffic for your site, but you might have heard that there are various ‘colors’ of SEO. It’s possible you’ve heard of ‘black hat SEO’ and ‘white hat SEO.’ If you’re looking to create a healthy, sustainable foundation of success for your business, then white hat SEO is what you’re looking for specifically.

white hat seo

In general, white hat SEO is defined as the use of optimization tactics, techniques, and strategies that put the focus on the human audience of your site. That’s instead of focusing on doing well with search engines, and it would be done in full compliance with the policies, rules, and suggested best practices of search engines.

For instance, a website could be optimized for a search engine, and yet focus on organic rankings and relevancy. A white hat Charlotte SEO company is a good choice for anyone looking to establish a website and maintain it successfully for a long time, whereas many online entrepreneurs generate a lot of sites quickly just to see which ones catch easy and early traction.

White hat SEO often starts with keyword analysis and selection, where you might try to identify the keywords and search phrases your site is going to focus on. There can be a lot of traffic looking for answers and information on something in particular that no one else is stepping up to the plate on regarding providing content.

Content would be the second primary area of white hat SEO activity. Content needs to be focused on the selected keywords or phrases and should be high-caliber content that is useful to human readers as it relates to their searches. Also, updating your content regularly convinces search engines that it’s accurate and fresh.

Links are the last area of white SEO activity. Backlinks and link building help improve your company’s online reputation and popularity, helping others find your content and creating an air of expert status from the point of view of other websites linking to you.

In contrast to white hat SEO, there is also black hat SEO. Using tactics or techniques such as keyword stuffing or link spamming, among many other things, can generate results for a brief while. However, as the spiders of major search engines are always on the move, eventual penalties are likely, and getting your website link back into Google’s good graces is a tiresome process. Also, depending on who you ask, there might also be a category of ‘grey hat SEO’ techniques that are not fully or explicitly banned by search engines, but might be penalized for in the future. Buying links is one thing Google frowns upon.