Google is The New Phone Book for Local Businesses

Google has made so many advances when it comes to finding things and people. Maybe social media has a connection that is personal and sometimes closer but Google has all the information that you need. Usually, you will find that all you have to do is search the name of the person.

The old days were harder, you either had a book that had the numbers of all the people that were important or you or you had to go through the whole directory just to try and find a number. This is not easy and that is why when the technology that makes it easy comes along, you get it.

This is so useful when you are running a local business and you need to make sure that you do not make losses or run into troubles that are caused by not having the customer contacts. The same thing works well when they are the ones that are trying to find you.

The Old Way

A while back in 2010, there was the feature that has all the numbers that you could find on Google. Then the people were concerned when they found out that their numbers could become available to strangers that easily. It was around this year that this feature was removed.

old phonebook

The Google graveyard now has the whole thing in there and that is something that most people could have used for good or bad depending on motive.

What happened was that you could just search phone book and from there on, it was not hard to find what you were looking for in there. That is the reason why they took it down. It was too easy and that is something that a lot of people did not want. They wanted privacy.

What We Have Now

When you look at today’s Google, you will find that there is still a way to get the numbers that you need and those will be the ones that people have voluntarily posted for you to find. This will make it easy for everyone. We will look at the ways that Google is still being used as a phone book.

  1. Business Contact Information

When you look at the local businesses, you will find that there is always the chance that they have a website and that on the website, they have their contact information. It is always very important that you have this on a site to make sure that when people want the service that you offer, they can find you easily.

This will usually be all about the emails and the phone numbers that you can call when you have an inquiry or when you have like a concern of some sort or you need them. This way, you get numbers that have been given voluntarily and you have access to whatever you need when you need it in the most convenient and fast way possible.

If you own a business yourself, getting your website to the top of Google can be a huge revenue driver. Your site may need the help of a company providing SEO and search marketing Calgary if you do not already hold a dominant ranking in your locality.

  1. Phone Book Alternative

google search on mobile devices

It seems that in this age, we seem to have an alternative for everything. When you want to listen to music, you will find that there is alternative too. This means that when you want to get an alternative for the former Google phone book, you will find it and the way this works is so simple. You will only need to make sure that you know where to search.

There are sites that will give you all the information that you will need including the addresses and everything else that can be found. This will usually be free and that is the reason why you will have to stay away from people that charge you money.

You will also have to make sure that you do not give contact information about yourself either.

  1. Non-Phone Contacts

After that little problem with privacy, you will need to make sure that as a local business, you will use the contacts that are not necessarily phone based. This will mean that you can use email and social media.

protect web identity

This is a place where you have free rein to contact and to do it tastefully.

We can conclude that there is no reason to infringe rights and privacies and that Google has made everything so much easier…so get in on it.