On-Page SEO – Do it the Right Way

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails a lot of innovative techniques and practices that help a website attain very impressive rankings in result pages of search engines. While many of these practices are carried out outside the scope of a website, there are some that are done on the pages of the website to enhance the site’s visibility and improve its ranking across popular search engine platforms.

The application of these SEO techniques on the pages of a website is referred to as On-Page SEO simply because all the modifications that are implemented are done within the pages of the website.

Since 90% of a website’s component is composed of written texts that are meant to educate and compel web visitors, all of the On Page SEO practices are executed with the goal of maximizing the texts to create impressive SEO results that guarantee quality placement of the website pages.

The major constituents of a site’s framework include the meta tag, meta description, page title, and the entirety of its body; and all of these components can be modified to successfully implement an SEO upgrade. It is, however, important that the process of applying On-Page SEO is competently monitored because any error in the texts may lead to very detrimental consequences.

Editing a Meta Tag and Meta Descriptions for SEO

Meta tags and meta descriptions are very important text-codes that contain very vital information about the central content of a website. They are among the relevant components of a website that are assessed by search engines before deciding the site’s ranking. It is, hence, important that the meta tags and descriptions of a site contain the necessary keywords that will increase its chance of being highly ranked.

The word-count of a meta tag usually ranges from 1 to just 5 words with an appropriate use of keywords representing at least 70% of the entire texts, while that of meta description may be as much as 150 words.

Maximizing Page Titles with Keyword Concentration

The Boulder SEO Expert (a Boulder SEO company) says that, “Page titles are quite distinguishable elements of a website that serve as headings for articles or page content. They usually contain the central content of the article and are useful in attracting web users looking for text resources to consume.”

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