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Time for an overdue blog post! Niche Research!

 I must say that I kind of have a decent reason for it. I have been quite busy creating my first product. Being a perfectionist, I have written and re-written various chapters a few times. I wanted to create something which would not just let me tick a box on my bucket list that I have done it, but which would actually be a decent enough product that would hopefully help people who are stuck like I was. The “stuck” part deserves a special mention I think…

I must say that I am not new to writing, having written 2 e-books on health, and multiple articles for my 2 websites, 2 blogs, as well as a few newspapers.  However, when it came to creating a product for my Internet Marketing business, I got seriously stuck. I was following 2 coaching programs, and still… I didn’t feel that I was ready to produce something that would be of value to others. I have a lot of books and reports, and there is plenty of information on the internet, so there was no shortage of information. Why did not I just use some of the information which I had in my ample library of products? And I realized that I had too much to choose from, and no focus.

I started thinking about a subject for my book (I knew it was going to be a book). My thoughts about it quite naturally led me to a niche selection dilemma that I had before me. But I knew nothing about niches – I mean how to come up with ideas, decide on the best one, and research it – to see if it was potentially profitable, and had room for development. So I started reading about it and soon realized that niche research and selection was a skill well worth learning. Why? Because having this skill means that we become much savvier, and can see what is going to work and what isn’t before we invest time and money into building a website, doing SEO work, and more. So many projects flop because no prior research has been done to see if it was going to be a golden egg or a bad one.

The other reason for learning how to come up with niche ideas and research them quickly is that the money making niche is becoming overcrowded. When too many people work in the same niche, competition is enormous and ruthless. Marketers with big names who got into this niche early enough are doing well for themselves, but those of us who have recently joined have a huge task on our hands to try to beat the virtually unbeatable competition. Unless one is immensely creative and comes up with some really original idea which nobody else has come up with before, the odds are not in newbies’ favor. Not to bash this niche, but there should be a big warning sign written on it.

How is it connected with niches, and learning the skill of niche research? Very simply. We have to widen the market and be creative. It is OK of course to be hanging about with the big guys, create products for the Warrior Forum and other such platforms. But why limit yourself? Why not expand your horizons and go into small niche marketing? Micro-niches are not new, and this form of marketing has been around for some time, without labels attached to it. Now is the time to explore it in more depth. And how about using the niche research skill to publish books on Amazon’s Kindle? Or to create continuity sites? Or simply an online business selling physical and information products?

All of this needs not just creativity, but skills as well. Having learned the skill of niche selection and research, you stand a much better chance of making a fortune for yourself. Why lay all your precious eggs in one basket, only to risk them being quashed by a market slump and competition? Why not be versatile, and get yourself into as many niches as possible by laying your golden eggs into multiple baskets? If one or two get a hit, then you still have the others hatching!

Being deeply stuck on the subject, I spent quite some time researching it. I wanted to learn to do it for myself, to avoid being stuck in the future. As I researched it, I realized that although I could find a lot of information in various sources, I couldn’t find any books on the subject describing practical steps towards niche selection. So I decided to write about it, and add information about practical steps to it, so that people reading it had real action steps to follow at the end of the book. I hope that it will be useful not only to marketing newbies, but also to anyone who decides to create a website and profit from online sales – and it applies to any niche they want to work with, not just internet marketing. The army of such people is growing. With the recession in full swing and few new employment opportunities around, we have to think on our feet and be creative and resourceful – whether we are in our 20s or 60s.

Writing my book I have realized that learning how to develop new ideas, generate and research keywords, research competition and money-making potential of your niche is a life-time skill which, once mastered, will pay dividends for life, through multiple streams of income. How good is that?! That means that having invested time and effort into learning niche research, the skill you’ve mastered will become the goose that will lay golden eggs, time and again. And those golden eggs will become your nest eggs which will keep you comfortable not just on rainy days!

My book aims to teach you the skill of coming up with great ideas on demand, being able to research their viability, and much more. There is just one chapter to finish, and then it will be time to launch it. I will let you know when it is ready, and there will be a special deal for you my blog readers. Just click on “subscribe to news & updates” and you will be the first to know when it is out.

Until next time!

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