SEO in Ireland – A new Irish Marketing Trend

Ireland SEO

Throughout the world, the need to have access to SEO services is a crucial element in the modern process of doing business. Search engine optimization is no longer a benefit, but a necessity for finding the right part of the market and allowing one’s business to gain access to its customers. Without this a business, no matter how small or big will have a lot of problems with finding a way to keep their operation sustainable. At the same time, the growth in the use of the internet, especially mobile devices forces all forms of Dublin SEO websites to evolve. That is the key reason why a change in marketing strategies is currently ongoing and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

All the while, a business must keep up with the changes and evolving needs if they want to remain viable. The same has been especially true in emerging markets. Ireland is a perfect example of this process, especially when it comes to its capital, Dublin. Here is an overview of the reason behind Ireland’s spike in SEO agencies and why Dublin is at the heart of this vibrant change in the marketing landscape.

A Growing Hub
Ireland has been going through a quiet economic revolution for some time now. It is the process that gave rise to the term Celtic Tiger, and while it was sidetracked with the global economic crisis of 2008, it is now back on track. The low cost of doing business, the easy access to the EU market, an educated workforce and many other things make it a very interesting destination for investment. At the same time, its hospitality industry is also seeing a constant growth of visitors and their spending. Dublin is the place for all of this. With all of that influx of people outside of Ireland, it is clear that a range of companies and businesses need access to reliable SEO services.

Evolution of the SEO
The need to serve the growing search engine usage related to Dublin and Ireland is what brought about Ireland’s spike in SEO agencies. These agencies are using a new marketing trend of local SEO, which means that they are adapting the optimization to local geographical location. This is essential for the space like Dublin where thousands of visitors, both tourist and businesspersons, use search engines to find what they need. This way, a change in marketing strategies made the SEO services more local and more focused.

This allows a huge real estate company that caters to businesses which are opening their branches in Ireland to benefit from it as much as a local coffee shop in a single Dublin neighborhood. At the same time, local SEO is boosted by other new trends, like specialized social media promotion and content that resides on the use of video material. With this combo, the SEO agencies can help so many varied businesses in the capital, but also around the country.

With their benefits, attaining the help of an SEO agency in Dublin and Ireland is something that many businesses go for. There is no clearer evidence that they provide good service than the fact that these businesses keep on using them as their regular clients.

Niche Research for SEO

Time for an overdue blog post! Niche Research!

 I must say that I kind of have a decent reason for it. I have been quite busy creating my first product. Being a perfectionist, I have written and re-written various chapters a few times. I wanted to create something which would not just let me tick a box on my bucket list that I have done it, but which would actually be a decent enough product that would hopefully help people who are stuck like I was. The “stuck” part deserves a special mention I think…

I must say that I am not new to writing, having written 2 e-books on health, and multiple articles for my 2 websites, 2 blogs, as well as a few newspapers.  However, when it came to creating a product for my Internet Marketing business, I got seriously stuck. I was following 2 coaching programs, and still… I didn’t feel that I was ready to produce something that would be of value to others. I have a lot of books and reports, and there is plenty of information on the internet, so there was no shortage of information. Why did not I just use some of the information which I had in my ample library of products? And I realized that I had too much to choose from, and no focus.

I started thinking about a subject for my book (I knew it was going to be a book). My thoughts about it quite naturally led me to a niche selection dilemma that I had before me. But I knew nothing about niches – I mean how to come up with ideas, decide on the best one, and research it – to see if it was potentially profitable, and had room for development. So I started reading about it and soon realized that niche research and selection was a skill well worth learning. Why? Because having this skill means that we become much savvier, and can see what is going to work and what isn’t before we invest time and money into building a website, doing SEO work, and more. So many projects flop because no prior research has been done to see if it was going to be a golden egg or a bad one.

The other reason for learning how to come up with niche ideas and research them quickly is that the money making niche is becoming overcrowded. When too many people work in the same niche, competition is enormous and ruthless. Marketers with big names who got into this niche early enough are doing well for themselves, but those of us who have recently joined have a huge task on our hands to try to beat the virtually unbeatable competition. Unless one is immensely creative and comes up with some really original idea which nobody else has come up with before, the odds are not in newbies’ favor. Not to bash this niche, but there should be a big warning sign written on it.

How is it connected with niches, and learning the skill of niche research? Very simply. We have to widen the market and be creative. It is OK of course to be hanging about with the big guys, create products for the Warrior Forum and other such platforms. But why limit yourself? Why not expand your horizons and go into small niche marketing? Micro-niches are not new, and this form of marketing has been around for some time, without labels attached to it. Now is the time to explore it in more depth. And how about using the niche research skill to publish books on Amazon’s Kindle? Or to create continuity sites? Or simply an online business selling physical and information products?

All of this needs not just creativity, but skills as well. Having learned the skill of niche selection and research, you stand a much better chance of making a fortune for yourself. Why lay all your precious eggs in one basket, only to risk them being quashed by a market slump and competition? Why not be versatile, and get yourself into as many niches as possible by laying your golden eggs into multiple baskets? If one or two get a hit, then you still have the others hatching!

Being deeply stuck on the subject, I spent quite some time researching it. I wanted to learn to do it for myself, to avoid being stuck in the future. As I researched it, I realized that although I could find a lot of information in various sources, I couldn’t find any books on the subject describing practical steps towards niche selection. So I decided to write about it, and add information about practical steps to it, so that people reading it had real action steps to follow at the end of the book. I hope that it will be useful not only to marketing newbies, but also to anyone who decides to create a website and profit from online sales – and it applies to any niche they want to work with, not just internet marketing. The army of such people is growing. With the recession in full swing and few new employment opportunities around, we have to think on our feet and be creative and resourceful – whether we are in our 20s or 60s.

Writing my book I have realized that learning how to develop new ideas, generate and research keywords, research competition and money-making potential of your niche is a life-time skill which, once mastered, will pay dividends for life, through multiple streams of income. How good is that?! That means that having invested time and effort into learning niche research, the skill you’ve mastered will become the goose that will lay golden eggs, time and again. And those golden eggs will become your nest eggs which will keep you comfortable not just on rainy days!

My book aims to teach you the skill of coming up with great ideas on demand, being able to research their viability, and much more. There is just one chapter to finish, and then it will be time to launch it. I will let you know when it is ready, and there will be a special deal for you my blog readers. Just click on “subscribe to news & updates” and you will be the first to know when it is out.

Until next time!

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All About Kelowna Website Design and SEO 2018

website design

Web Design and SEO in Kelowna

For enhancing a business, one needs a well-made website. There are more than a few firms which provide the corporate website design, many of which can be availed on the internet. If a website is well planned it could bring in sales, leads and engender revenue on a regular basis.
The website design is one of the main fields in the tech-savvy epoch of today. Every big or small company wants a perfect website to augment its business. There are more than a few firms which offer the services of commercial website design.

The Kelowna website design and SEO is admired in the current scenario. It refers to the design of websites and web applications with the help of HTML, CSS, Images and many more. The high-quality website designs should be problematic to read as well as to comprehend. We can see numerous websites today in which it becomes intricate to place the desired option. But, if a professional designer has premeditated the website then this situation does not occur.
Kelowna Web Design company is an association which carries on the task of scheming a website which is more inventive and intellectual in its way. Since they know the significance of a website, they would make sure to design the site in a most specialized way. They are famous for their delicately honed and imaginative implications of thoughts in portraying a website with more colors and appeal making it must to be visited websites. The styles and strategy are in principle are planned by experts and group of conversant individuals provides routine checks of inventive techniques to make it more attractive.
Penticton website design companies are not only known for their intense services infect the websites designed by these companies are dexterous and user-friendly. These companies are very responsible and levelheaded. They are going to help in the sale and make a company profitable with their triumphant ways.

Meta description tags

Meta description tags can create a great effect on website pages and blog posts. While measuring page rank these meta tags have no influence but can be of a great benefit on a marketing context. When a webmaster aims at competing with thousands of contenders, to gain the attention of visitors on organics, it becomes a great assistant to the web owner.

They are like big banner display heading as shown on hoarding of an advert and here on the search they act as an effective advert for the website. Hence it is approached with appropriate importance. It’s important for SEO company services and Internet marketing experts can make the best use of this meta tagging.
Prime intention of the meta description tag is to spread across for the viewers as the content that is described in web pages in brief and an appealing manner. As every page on the website should be filled with relevant information, and it should be content rich, so should be the meta tag description of the page. These meta tags must be hosted, but it is subjected to some limitations.

Make sure that most essential information is written in the description and it is placed at the beginning of the sentence. Google crawlers will identify these keywords and highlight them, not only these increase visibility and also click-through rate for the website.
Hence, these meta description tags play a crucial role in attracting traffic to the website. On the other hand, the title tag, which engages the description tag, may not be in a position to communicate effectively the content placed on a web page and the space in title description may not be sufficient enough to express the main purpose, and of course, it differs from that of the meta description. 

The title tags

The title tag has got serious limitation it may not be capable of including targeted keywords to the page. Visitors may have entered a web page with a different intent and as a result of this if the description tag is not correctly framed with information then there is every possibility of an increase in bounce rate of the web page. Furthermore, these meta tags do encourage positive brand image and also use phrases at the end of the description which are referring to call-to-action, to motive a click by a visitor. A series of benefits for meta tags calls for serious re-look for SEO experts into these writings.

How to Build a Million-Dollar SEO Company

SEO company

Whether your original plan was to start an SEO agency or you stumbled upon this business idea, you can make millions optimizing websites. By now, you know what search engine optimization is and how it works. To get the ball rolling and the cash flowing, you need to find customers and market, market, market. And that’s what we’re discussing here.

Referrals win you clients

The best clientele comes from your referrers – friends, family members and previous customers. These guys refer their nearest-and-dearest to you, which means more business. But if you treat your regulars poorly, not only will your revenue decline, but also the number of referrals. For this reason, you should have a nice reputation and take good care of your customers. By doing so, referrals will continue streaming in, but now in large quantities.

Switch to online marketing

If you rely on word-of-mouth as your main source of revenue and clients, wake up and smell the coffee. Referrals don’t cost a dime, but they can’t build a seven-figure business, like To attain billionaire status, you need to …

Start Blogging
Blog about content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. To get more leads, do technical blog posts and use data to elaborate or backup your points. Blogs that contain more data and stats drive more traffic than those that “shoot blanks”. Therefore, perform in-depth research before you begin churning out content. Remember, you’re an expert in this field and customers don’t expect crap from you.

Speak at conferences
Marketing and SEO conferences are the place to get new clients. Sooner or later, other marketers and SEOs will start attending and speaking at such events. Eventually, the amount of revenue you earn from these conferences dramatically shrinks. So think outside the box. Start going to non-industry events and talk about online marketing there. From fitness to finance, sports to social and everything in between, non-industry events can bring in abundant revenue. Just make sure you’re speaking at events that charge $1000 or more per ticket as that means you’re talking to people who can afford your services. Given a talking chance, speak about the tactics businesses can leverage. Give examples of corporations using those tactics. And conclude with data showing your methods are successful.

Help out Bloggers
Reach out to freelancing companies and offer them “free” search engine optimisation Adelaide. Most of them won’t take you up on the offer. But a handful will. Work for these companies pro bono in exchange for a mention or badge on their websites that says “SEO by…” That badge will link back to your website and drive leads. If you’re lucky, one or two companies may blog about the results they got from you. This can lead to more revenue as those blogs have a large following.

Be results driven

Without results, clients will walk away and hire another Sydney SEO expert. That is a bad show. So bust your butt driving traffic to websites and improving rankings on search engines. And use case studies and testimonials to show what you’ve done in the past.

What Is White Hat SEO Exactly?

If you have a website online that you want to be successful, then you need to draw traffic to it. More than that, you need the traffic to be the kind of traffic looking for what you have to offer that might be converted into actual clients that spend money or time with your site.

You’ve likely learned that search engine optimization is the process of generating traffic for your site, but you might have heard that there are various ‘colors’ of SEO. It’s possible you’ve heard of ‘black hat SEO’ and ‘white hat SEO.’ If you’re looking to create a healthy, sustainable foundation of success for your business, then white hat SEO is what you’re looking for specifically.

white hat seo

In general, white hat SEO is defined as the use of optimization tactics, techniques, and strategies that put the focus on the human audience of your site. That’s instead of focusing on doing well with search engines, and it would be done in full compliance with the policies, rules, and suggested best practices of search engines.

For instance, a website could be optimized for a search engine, and yet focus on organic rankings and relevancy. A white hat Charlotte SEO company is a good choice for anyone looking to establish a website and maintain it successfully for a long time, whereas many online entrepreneurs generate a lot of sites quickly just to see which ones catch easy and early traction.

White hat SEO often starts with keyword analysis and selection, where you might try to identify the keywords and search phrases your site is going to focus on. There can be a lot of traffic looking for answers and information on something in particular that no one else is stepping up to the plate on regarding providing content.

Content would be the second primary area of white hat SEO activity. Content needs to be focused on the selected keywords or phrases and should be high-caliber content that is useful to human readers as it relates to their searches. Also, updating your content regularly convinces search engines that it’s accurate and fresh.

Links are the last area of white SEO activity. Backlinks and link building help improve your company’s online reputation and popularity, helping others find your content and creating an air of expert status from the point of view of other websites linking to you.

In contrast to white hat SEO, there is also black hat SEO. Using tactics or techniques such as keyword stuffing or link spamming, among many other things, can generate results for a brief while. However, as the spiders of major search engines are always on the move, eventual penalties are likely, and getting your website link back into Google’s good graces is a tiresome process. Also, depending on who you ask, there might also be a category of ‘grey hat SEO’ techniques that are not fully or explicitly banned by search engines, but might be penalized for in the future. Buying links is one thing Google frowns upon.

On-Page SEO – Do it the Right Way

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails a lot of innovative techniques and practices that help a website attain very impressive rankings in result pages of search engines. While many of these practices are carried out outside the scope of a website, there are some that are done on the pages of the website to enhance the site’s visibility and improve its ranking across popular search engine platforms.

The application of these SEO techniques on the pages of a website is referred to as On-Page SEO simply because all the modifications that are implemented are done within the pages of the website.

Since 90% of a website’s component is composed of written texts that are meant to educate and compel web visitors, all of the On Page SEO practices are executed with the goal of maximizing the texts to create impressive SEO results that guarantee quality placement of the website pages.

The major constituents of a site’s framework include the meta tag, meta description, page title, and the entirety of its body; and all of these components can be modified to successfully implement an SEO upgrade. It is, however, important that the process of applying On-Page SEO is competently monitored because any error in the texts may lead to very detrimental consequences.

Editing a Meta Tag and Meta Descriptions for SEO

Meta tags and meta descriptions are very important text-codes that contain very vital information about the central content of a website. They are among the relevant components of a website that are assessed by search engines before deciding the site’s ranking. It is, hence, important that the meta tags and descriptions of a site contain the necessary keywords that will increase its chance of being highly ranked.

The word-count of a meta tag usually ranges from 1 to just 5 words with an appropriate use of keywords representing at least 70% of the entire texts, while that of meta description may be as much as 150 words.

Maximizing Page Titles with Keyword Concentration

The Boulder SEO Expert (a Boulder SEO company) says that, “Page titles are quite distinguishable elements of a website that serve as headings for articles or page content. They usually contain the central content of the article and are useful in attracting web users looking for text resources to consume.”

Google is The New Phone Book for Local Businesses

Google has made so many advances when it comes to finding things and people. Maybe social media has a connection that is personal and sometimes closer but Google has all the information that you need. Usually, you will find that all you have to do is search the name of the person.

The old days were harder, you either had a book that had the numbers of all the people that were important or you or you had to go through the whole directory just to try and find a number. This is not easy and that is why when the technology that makes it easy comes along, you get it.

This is so useful when you are running a local business and you need to make sure that you do not make losses or run into troubles that are caused by not having the customer contacts. The same thing works well when they are the ones that are trying to find you.

The Old Way

A while back in 2010, there was the feature that has all the numbers that you could find on Google. Then the people were concerned when they found out that their numbers could become available to strangers that easily. It was around this year that this feature was removed.

old phonebook

The Google graveyard now has the whole thing in there and that is something that most people could have used for good or bad depending on motive.

What happened was that you could just search phone book and from there on, it was not hard to find what you were looking for in there. That is the reason why they took it down. It was too easy and that is something that a lot of people did not want. They wanted privacy.

What We Have Now

When you look at today’s Google, you will find that there is still a way to get the numbers that you need and those will be the ones that people have voluntarily posted for you to find. This will make it easy for everyone. We will look at the ways that Google is still being used as a phone book.

  1. Business Contact Information

When you look at the local businesses, you will find that there is always the chance that they have a website and that on the website, they have their contact information. It is always very important that you have this on a site to make sure that when people want the service that you offer, they can find you easily.

This will usually be all about the emails and the phone numbers that you can call when you have an inquiry or when you have like a concern of some sort or you need them. This way, you get numbers that have been given voluntarily and you have access to whatever you need when you need it in the most convenient and fast way possible.

If you own a business yourself, getting your website to the top of Google can be a huge revenue driver. Your site may need the help of a company providing SEO and search marketing Calgary if you do not already hold a dominant ranking in your locality.

  1. Phone Book Alternative

google search on mobile devices

It seems that in this age, we seem to have an alternative for everything. When you want to listen to music, you will find that there is alternative too. This means that when you want to get an alternative for the former Google phone book, you will find it and the way this works is so simple. You will only need to make sure that you know where to search.

There are sites that will give you all the information that you will need including the addresses and everything else that can be found. This will usually be free and that is the reason why you will have to stay away from people that charge you money.

You will also have to make sure that you do not give contact information about yourself either.

  1. Non-Phone Contacts

After that little problem with privacy, you will need to make sure that as a local business, you will use the contacts that are not necessarily phone based. This will mean that you can use email and social media.

protect web identity

This is a place where you have free rein to contact and to do it tastefully.

We can conclude that there is no reason to infringe rights and privacies and that Google has made everything so much easier…so get in on it.

Expert SEO Services For You

Ranking requires the use of expert SEO services, or you’re always going to stay a step behind.

With continuous competition in the market and a desire for websites to rank higher, it’s best to go with a seasoned hand by your side. This is where professional SEO services Vancouver add to your marketing arsenal and make it easier to get ahead in your niche.

This SEO company is ready to assist its clients in building a world-class marketing campaign in days. Everything is taken care of including the long-term plan for your website and its campaigns.


Here is more on why this is the ultimate SEO company.

What services does this SEO company offer to its clients?

1) One-on-One Consultations
2) On-Site SEO
3) Off-Site SEO
4) Detailed Monthly Reports
5) PPC Advertising Campaigns
6) Social Signals and Backlinks
7) Site Assessments
8) Link Building
9) Advanced Keyword Research
10) Backlink Assessment
11) Current Analysis of Rankings
12) And More!

This is a comprehensive SEO company ready to empower its clients straight to the top of their niche. Take the opportunity to dig in and maximize your marketing potential as soon as possible. This team knows what it takes to push forward and help its clients progress.

Specialized SEO Experts
To rank, it’s important to have seasoned search engine marketing consultant ready to assist as soon as the process commences.

This team takes the time to offer specialized solutions based on modern techniques and requirements. Settling for less is not going to cut it and is going to lead to inefficiencies in your marketing plan. To guarantee the right approach, it’s best to go with a proper solution.

Those who are hoping to get more out of their SEO setup will know it has to start here.

Remember, everything is done in sync with the client’s SEO needs.

Full Customization
Running a streamlined SEO campaign will not cut it in this day and age. This will only lead to below-par results and is going to be frustrating.

Instead, it’s better to go with a customized solution that is built to last and is going to cater to your needs. Clients want the best, and it has to start here with a seasoned team of professionals. Specialization is a must, and it has to come at the hands of those who know what to do.

All campaigns are tailor-made for clients and their businesses. This is a guarantee.

Fast Results
Don’t want to settle for slow results that take time to dig in and may never arrive?

This SEO company knows you are on a strict timeline and want quick results. While the team doesn’t use methods that may jeopardize your business, it is going to employ tactics that are prompt and safe. This is to ensure the development occurs at the pace you desire.

Niche-Specific Campaigns
It’s one thing to run a campaign and another to have one that’s niche-specific.

This is where your site is going to notice a difference as time goes on. Everything will be done based on the niche your site is in.

Comprehensive Reports
Judging your site’s progress is a primary requirement. This SEO company takes the time to run continuous tests assessing progression and provides an in-depth report to its clients. This is a one-stop option for those wishing to maximize their presence online.

All reports are easy to read, professional, and up-to-date making it easier for you to gauge how things are going.

Do not get pushed into the background when it comes to your business and its marketing campaign(s). This is your chance to grab control and see the ongoing analysis offered by this SEO company.

For more information and an in-depth consultation, please call in and set up a meeting with one of the SEO specialists on hand. This is an SEO company that will take the time to run an in-depth assessment of the website, business, and its marketing needs before constructing a robust plan.

This is your opportunity to maximize the business and its marketing potential with the assistance of expert SEO services. This is a trained SEO team with years of experience and a desire to help clients reach the highest possible standards.

Why You Should track Your PPC Impression Share

I this great article Jacob Baadsgaard discuss the importance of tracking your Impression Share.

I think that its very important to monitor your IS and optimize your PPC campaigns for conversion. How you do this? You simply remove the keywords that are not important to you (they are not converting) and you are wasting money and redirect that budget to the keywords that convert best for you. Basically you increase the bids to gain higher impression share.

In addition to PPC you should also use a professional SEO services.
Our Search Marketing Company specializes in PPC and SEO.